Kurti: Kosova government doesn’t bargain or tolerate criminal gangs

Kosova Prime Minister Albin Kurti said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that “criminal gangs have stepped up attacks in the north of Kosova.

"They know their end is coming. The Government of Kosovo does not bargain with them or tolerate them. The bombs they throw, the bullets they fire, and the masks they wear show their political and popular powerlessness. After these crimes and armed attacks north of Iber, we will certainly have a greater Kosova police presence there. Because there will be investigations and prosecution of these criminals who are paid by Serbia and directed by its President. The numerous violations of the law will not be pardoned and the tendencies for criminal instability will fail”.

Kurti also said that “in the four northern municipalities there is no division between Serbs and Albanians, but between criminal gangs and citizens. I call on all citizens of Kosova to support the state and police of Kosova, all our officials who are defending the constitutionality and lawfulness, the republic and democracy”.