Svecla: Election officials and police were attacked with shock bombs

Kosova’s Minister of Interior Affairs, Xhelal Svecla, said that Kosovo Police officers and municipal staff of the Central Election Commission (CEC) were attacked with shock bombs and shots in the air in the north on Tuesday by masked persons.

“By organized groups, including several masked individuals, the municipal elected officials and police officers were attacked with shock bombs and shots in the air, to prevent them from performing their official duties,” Svecla wrote in a Facebook post.

“Kosova Police have already launched investigations to identify and bring to justice all criminals involved in today’s attacks. Police will continue its engagements according to its mandate throughout the Republic of Kosovo in offering security, guaranteeing order and the rule of law.”

Svecla said that such attacks, which are aimed at blocking the election process, are unacceptable.

“Organizing elections is a constitutional obligation, whereas participation in elections is a civic right that no one can violate. Elections are a basic right of every citizen in a democratic country,” he said.