COMKFOR Ristuccia: We don’t tolerate violence

Commander of KFOR peacekeeping troops, Angelo Michele Ristuccia, said in an interview with RTK that the recent developments in Mitrovica North and that everything that has been done in the north over the years is in danger of being lost.

“Our first duty is to ensure freedom of movement in Kosova. We are equipped to deal with situations. We act according to the situation in the best way possible and we react to whatever situation we face. We cannot tolerate violence, and we will not tolerate it,” Ristuccia said.

He also said that if the situation deteriorates “we can count on the support of NATO and the 27 member states”.

“I believe we have sufficient forces and equipment to face any situation. NATO has increased our presence on the ground, and we are ready to face any situation,” he added.