Dehari’s blood samples missing from Institute of Forensic Medicine

Kosova’s Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, told an extraordinary press conference in Prishtina today that the blood samples of Vetevendosje activist Astrit Dehari, who died in prison in 2016, have gone missing from the Institute for Forensic Medicine.

She said that only three persons had access to the premises, she knew their names but did not mention them.

“This is a grave criminal act. Last night, I notified the State Chief Prosecutor Besim Kelmendi and Police Director Fehmi Hoti,” she said.

Haxhiu argued that whoever followed the case of Astrit Dehari “knows that for six years now, there have been attempts to distort or eliminate the data, evidence, and witnesses. The same happened with anyone willing to resolve the case.” 

“We believe this is a grave criminal act, which took place in premises that were supposed to be safe, and has the following motive: to further damage the process and to put the responsibility on us.”

Haxhiu said the situation places a shade of doubt over the entire Institute for Forensic Medicine and its activity, “not only in the present but especially in the past”.

“The authors will be found and the case will be resolved,” she said.