Kosovo imported 5.6 billion in goods, exported 869 million euros

Kosovo imported 5.6 billion euros worth of goods in 2022, while it exported goods worth 869 million euros.

This is what the director of Kosovo Customs, Agron Llugaliu, told a press conference today, emphasizing that Kosovo imported about 1 billion more goods compared to 2021. According to Llugaliu, Turkey is the country that Kosovo imports the most from.

Llugaliu noted that during the past year, Kosovo Customs has collected 1 billion and 531 million euros in revenue, the import has reached the value of over 5 billion euros and the export has reached over 869 million euros. According to him, the increase in income is also a result of inflation and the increase in product prices.

In addition, Llugaliu said that the import of goods from Serbia was 370 million euros, while Kosovo imported the most from Turkey.

He said that during 2022, they managed to exceed the income of the previous year.

"We had a revised Government projection in July of last year for 1 billion and 477 million euros".

Llugaliu added that Customs has managed to exceed this projection by over 3%, namely 54 million more, while compared to last year, it has managed to realize 154 million more revenues.

According to Llugaliau, a very important indicator is also the fight against the informal economy that, on the other hand, enables better performance for incomes.

"During this year, we have had 11,157 activities that are implemented by law enforcement units, in controls within various entities, also within the territory on public roads and in different places."

He said that there has also been an improvement in cooperation with other institutions.

"We had 92 joint control operations, during the investigations we had 16 people arrested, when it comes to improving discipline we had 23 different disciplinary measures, whereas the seizure of goods which is an extremely important indicator for the effectiveness of the fight against the informal economy, we have 11.3 million. We had 1.8 million in fines," he said.

According to Llugaliu, Kosovo has collected 154 million more in revenue than in 2021.