Kurti seeks investigation of illegal actions that harm ecosystem

Prime Minister Albin Kurti has warned of an investigation into illegal actions to the detriment of the ecosystem, after the recent floods in the country, which had major consequences in several municipalities.

In his address at the beginning of the executive meeting, Kurti emphasized that in addition to the damage assessment, a reassessment of “our behavior towards the environment and nature should also be done.”

"Damage to banks and riverbeds from wild exploitation of gravel, dumping of waste in rivers, illegal logging and lack of afforestation, inadequate sewage, and water collection systems, improper planning of public infrastructure, as well as global climate change, have undoubtedly facilitated, accelerated and increased the number of floods in our settlements. In addition to assessing the damage, we must also reassess our behavior towards the environment and nature. At the same time, we should improve the reaction and the responsibilities of the institutions in their prevention. We also need an investigation into illegal actions to the detriment of the ecosystem. Recovery is not enough if we do not learn lessons. It is not enough to overcome the situation if it is repeated. We need awareness and institutional and social mobilization", Kurti emphasized.

He said that the executive he leads will always stand by the municipalities, families, businesses, and citizens from the affected areas.

"Help from the Government will not be missing for a moment. Skenderaj, Mitrovica, Klina, Istog, and Podujeva, together, will raise", said the Prime Minister.

He said that he has seen the destructive force of these floods from his field visits.

"The damage is huge, and the danger has not passed completely. The reaction of the state institutions was quick. Solidarity with each other has been great. Fortunately, the consequences are only material. As a government, from the first moment, we have been helping the citizens in flooded areas. Through the Emergency Management Agency, the Kosovo Police, as well as the Kosovo Security Force, we have intervened to provide immediate support. The regional water supply companies have made a valuable contribution here to ensure the supply of drinking water", said Kurti.

In today’s meeting, the Government of Kosovo approved the draft law on religious freedom, while Prime Minister Kurti emphasized that this draft law aims to preserve religious pluralism and offer religious communities the opportunity to be officially registered.