Kurti: Deals must be implemented in entirety, without exception

Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, spoke about last night`s meeting with the EU`s special emissary for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak, and the latter`s declaration that they had agreed with Prishtina to implement all the Brussels agreements.

Kurti said that there is no hierarchy between the agreements with Serbia, therefore they must be implemented in their entirety.

Kurti’s reaction came after media questions about whether they have agreed to implement the Agreement for the Association of Municipalities with a Serbian majority.

"There are 33 Brussels agreements from the last decade and there is no agreement that has priority over another agreement, so there is no hierarchy of those agreements. They are located on the horizontal plane", said Kurti, who also focused on the recent commitment of American and European diplomats to reach a final agreement with Serbia.

"Shuttle diplomacy is attached to high-level meetings on the European Union proposal supported by France, Germany, and the US. This proposal has five sentences in the preamble and 10 articles. When we received it on September 9, we said that it is a good basis for further discussions. It is a framework and platform that allows us to move forward, but a negotiation process is needed so that proposal becomes an agreement. These 10 articles do not tolerate an article from the end to be brought first as a prerequisite", declared Prime Minister Kurti.

He also said at the end that the agreement with Serbia only makes sense in the center of mutual recognition.