"I didn’t receive satisfactory explanations for Association formation"

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said in an interview with RTK2 that the EU proposal for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is a good basis and that he is ready to discuss the agreements reached in Brussels.

He also said that he hasn’t received any satisfactory justification to implement the agreement on forming the Association of Serb-majority municipalities.

According to Kurti, there is no need to form the Association, but he is ready to talk about the rights of non-majority communities. “I am ready for talks and negotiations about the rights of minorities, non-majority communities. However, you must understand that it is very important that those, who want rights beyond what the Ahtisaari Plan offers, should also justify these rights – why they need more. Ahtisaari won the Nobel Peace Prize, why the Ahtisaaari Plan needs to be further extended, and what are the justifications for the potential shortcomings of the plan? Those who ask for something else should also give justifications,” he argued.