Kusari-Lila on Association: Kosovo Government has no conflict with USA

The head of the parliamentary group of the Vetevendosje Movement (LVV) Mimoza Kusari-Lila, in a press conference after the meeting of the Presidency of the Assembly, spoke about the agenda of the two plenary sessions set for this week.

Among other things, Kusari-Lila responded to the comments about the conflict between the government of Kosovo and that of the United States. According to her, we are not talking about a clash, but about different opinions.

“Nothing can be done by anyone else. In Kosovo, the decision-making bodies are the government, the Assembly, and the municipalities with local government. There is no other mechanism that anyone outside of these can establish or create, but from a legal and mandatory point of view, these are the institutions I mentioned,” Kusari Lila said.

“The Government of Kosovo has no conflict with the USA and there has not been, we may have a difference of opinion about the dialogue process and agenda. The U.S. Embassy has invited the Ministers of the special departments who can contribute to the discussion on the issue of the association and of course representatives of the opposition parties, i.e. from the position there are enough ministers who have been invited to discuss. As for the conflicting public discourse, I think that we constantly coordinate, and communicate, but also have the right of opinion about issues that are of vital importance for the future of the Republic of Kosovo,” Kusari-Lila said.