LDK confirms it will attend discussion on Association

The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) said in a statement today that it will attend the discussion organized by the United States Embassy on the Association of Serb-majority municipalities.

“The Democratic League of Kosovo, in this meeting, will again confirm its support for the EU-mediated dialogue, with the full involvement of the United States of America. The LDK’s orientation toward a final, legally binding agreement, centered on mutual recognition, remains unchanged,” the statement notes.

On the Association of Serb-majority municipalities, the LDK says the issue is a competency and constitutional responsibility solely of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, namely the government. “The constitutional competencies and responsibilities have no alternative, therefore, the LDK, in its opposition role, has no way to exercise them. The opposition cannot assume the responsibilities of the majority or the government of this majority. Therefore, the participation of state institutions in this process is an irreplaceable necessity,” the statement notes.

The LDK also called on the government “not to hide behind populist accusations against the opposition, but to exercise its responsibilities as a majority and to treat the issue in compliance with the Constitution and laws of Kosovo and close coordination with our allies”.