Value of coefficient for salaries in public sector, published

The value of the coefficient in the Wages Law will be 105 euros, it was announced at the government meeting on Wednesday. The law that comes into force in a few days, regulates the issue of salaries for over 82 thousand public sector workers.

To calculate the salary, the value of the coefficient must be multiplied by the coefficient. So, since the value of the coefficient is 105 euros, the official who has a salary of coefficient 5 will receive a basic salary of 525 euros, without counting the allowances.

In the Salary Law, there are 136 levels of coefficients, with a ratio of 2 to 18. The highest salary will be that of the president with a coefficient of 18, or 1890 euros.

The President of the Constitutional Court will have a coefficient of 17.5, while 17 will be the coefficient for the post of the Assembly Speaker and Prime Minister. The deputy and the minister will have equal salaries, with a coefficient of 16.4.

As for the mayors of the municipalities, one of the capital will have a salary with a coefficient of 15, while the salaries of the others will differ depending on the number of citizens that those municipalities have.

In the judiciary, which has announced the sending of the Law to the Constitutional Court, the salary for the president of the Supreme Court will be at the coefficient of 17. The coefficient for judges will be from 15.5 to 12 for the judge of the Basic Court and the first instance of the Commercial Chamber. In the Prosecutor’s Office, the chief prosecutor’s salary will be with a coefficient of 17, while the general prosecutors in Basic Court will have a salary with a coefficient of 12.

In the Army, the commander will have a coefficient of 15, while the lowest salary will be for the KSF recruit/cadet with a coefficient of 2, which is also the lowest salary in Kosovo.

In the Police, the general director will have a salary with a coefficient of 14.5, while a simple policeman will have a coefficient of 5. The police cadet will have a coefficient of 2.

For firefighters, the coefficient will be from 4 to 8.

In education, teachers’ salaries will be brought from a coefficient of 5.6 for those of primary and lower secondary schools to 5.8 for teachers at upper secondary schools.

In healthcare, doctors’ salaries will be from 7.4 for general practitioners to 12 for specialists.

The law provides compensation for caregiving, night work, and overtime work. While the reduction of the salary level is foreseen only in two cases, macroeconomic shock or natural disaster.

The monetary value of the coefficient is determined by the annual budget law, which this year also increased salaries and allowances by 75 million euros compared to last year.