Frequent consumer rights violations registered in Kosovo

Although Kosovo consumers are legally protected too, violations of their rights are quite frequent. During this year alone, more than 500 complaints were addressed to the Department for Consumer Protection. The violation of consumer rights is also affirmed by promoters of consumer rights, who call on institutions to take more care of citizens.

International Consumer Day, which is celebrated every March 15, since 1962, finds Kosovo consumers with violated rights, that are guaranteed by law.

Price scams or even false discounts are quite common. But, for the consumer Ardian Krasniqi, the most disturbing of all is the sale of expired products.

"It has happened several times to me that I paid more for a product at the checkout than the price on the shelf. But, a much worse phenomenon than this is the sale of products without an expiration date, as I happened to buy. This is worrying, as it shows that there are traders who can risk someone's life for a little money", he said.

Selatin Kaçaniku, who has been leading the "Konsumatori" organization for years, with which he promotes the rights of consumer citizens, told Radio Kosova that the violations of consumer rights in the country are huge.

"The law on consumer protection is not applied in many points. We are unprotected. The courts are full of complaints from consumer citizens. An even worse reaction than a complaint is silence. Therefore, MINT, the Government, and the Parliament should not think that they have solved the issues because there are only a few complaints, they should be aware that this silence may one day explode",  Kaçaniku says.

As far as the number of consumer complaints and fines imposed during this year, Radio Kosova addressed the Department for Consumer Protection.

In a written response they indicated that during this year they received 509 complaints.

"In terms of the number of complaints handled, there are 303. All consumer complaints are handled by the Market Inspectorate and during this period 67 fines were imposed and at the same time a large number of remarks for the elimination of irregularities."

It is further noted that during the year 2022, the Market Inspectorate has received and reviewed 1,239 complaints and imposed 311 fines.

Autor: RTK