About 4,000 stray dogs identified in Prishtina


Kosovo citizens, especially those who reside in the capital Prishtina, have been feeling threatened by stray dogs for some time now.

The Food and Veterinary Agency has identified about 4,000 dogs that have been microchipped or registered. At the same time, the municipality of Prishtina is finishing the facility that will serve for the treatment of stray dogs.

The presence of stray dogs on the streets of Kosovo has become worrying. Citizens have many times felt threatened but also were attacked by the animals.

Driton Limani, a Prishtina citizen, says that the municipality should take the initiative to house these dogs.

“I have come across many situations of being in danger due to stray dogs, especially in winter when they are hungry and attack. The municipality of Prishtina must not only treat but also shelter stray dogs,” he says.

The Food and Veterinary Agency has started placing microchips and registering dogs, whether strays or those with owners. This project would cover all expenses for those citizens who wish to register their dogs until the end of this year. This is what the spokesperson of the agency, Lamir Thaçi told Radio Kosova.

"So far, about 4,000 dogs have been identified, and registered, so microchips have been placed and documentation has been given," said Thaçi.

He said that the project was implemented many years ago in the EU countries, where the main purpose is to stop the breeding of stray dogs and to regulate the legal aspect of dogs with owners.

Thaçi said that the exact number of stray dogs on the streets is unknown.

"We have never researched to determine the number of stray dogs or those with owners. We will identify and register all the animals that are declared by their owner", he said.

The Information Office in the municipality of Prishtina said in a written response, that the facility for the treatment of stray dogs is almost ready.

And, after its completion, based on other procedures, the facility will be operationalized. However, this center will not shelter the animals.