IPA 2023: First installment allocated to Kosovo

The European Commission, within the annual program IPA 2023, has allocated the first installment of 67.5 million euros in budget support for Kosovo.

The EU support, according to a press release issued by the Government of Kosovo, complements the Government's energy support scheme.

The announcement notes that support will begin immediately with the implementation of these measures: Direct financial support for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged families; Stimulation of energy savings by household consumers; Supporting individual household consumers including vulnerable consumers through increasing the energy efficiency of housing units and buildings; Supporting household consumers including vulnerable consumers in investing in energy-efficient household appliances and renewable energy systems; Stimulating energy savings by micro, small and medium enterprises.

"The Government of the Republic of Kosovo will continue to support citizens and alleviate the social and economic consequences for the categories most affected by the effects of the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, through a stable and reliable policy in the management of public finances", the announcement states.

According to the announcement, this is the first installment of money that Kosovo receives from the EU package for energy support for the Western Balkans.

"The package has been created by the EU and its member states to help the region overcome the energy crisis and the huge increase in energy prices caused by Russia's unjustified aggression against Ukraine," a statement from the government of Kosovo said.