Escobar: I hope we will have good news after Saturday

Following the one-hour-long meeting, Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani and American emissary for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, held a joint press conference.

Escobar said he was always happy to be in Prishtina and would welcome a productive outcome of the meeting in Ohrid between the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, and the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

"We intend to fully support any outcome that brings peace closer to the region and intensifies the opportunities for Kosovo, Serbia, and the region to become a full part of the Euro-Atlantic community," Escobar said.

He said that the US believes that this European proposal, facilitated through dialogue by the EU, offers an extraordinary opportunity for lasting peace between two important countries in the region.

"As the biggest supporter of Kosovo in the world, we aim for this to work for Kosovo, but also for the entire region, to unlock some of the best resources that the Balkans provides for itself, but also for all of Europe", the American diplomat said.

Escobar emphasized he would welcome a positive outcome in Ohrid and is very optimistic about the possibility of a peaceful solution between Kosovo and Serbia.

"I hope that after Saturday we will have good news."