"Kurti accepted everything he had promised not to accept"

Leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) Memli Krasniqi reacted after the agreement reached on Saturday between Kosovo and Serbia, in Ohrid. In a post on Facebook, he wrote that in less than three weeks, Prime Minister Albin Kurti accepted everything he had promised he would not accept.

“On February 27, in Brussels, Prime Minister Kurti accepted the European proposal. Yesterday, on March 18, he also agreed on the annex to the implementation of this agreement. In less than three weeks, Albin Kurti accepted everything he had promised he would not accept, throughout his entire political life with false sermons and countless deceptions,” he wrote.

“But, beyond his deceptions, our concern remains Kosovo, our citizens, and future generations, who, unfortunately, in addition to having lost faith in the perspective offered by Kosovo, will inherit the frozen conflict with Serbia for years to come. And this is a direct consequence of the mistakes of Albin Kurti who negotiated and enabled this agreement which is insufficient for Kosovo and which does not achieve our state and civic goals.”

“The agreement without mutual recognition, focused on an advanced association and political autonomy for the Serb community and without guarantees for the Euro-Atlantic integration of Kosovo is a great political and national failure, which we will all pay dearly and for a long time,” Krasniqi concluded.