Kosovo continues imports from non-recognizing countries

Kosovo continues importing products from different countries, no matter it`s economic, political, and diplomatic relations with those countries.

The latest data published by the Statistics Agency of Kosovo show that there is a slight decrease in the value of imports from the five countries that have not yet recognized Kosovo.

Business representatives estimate that despite the challenges faced by local businesses, this harms them in their development as well.

In the period December 2021-December 2022, Kosovo has imported high values of products coming from the five countries that have not recognized Kosovo. The latest data published by the Kosovo Statistics Agency show that Kosovo mostly imports from Greece, where for the above-mentioned period, in December 2022, Greek imports in Kosovo reached over 3.9 million euros, followed by Spain with 0.9 million euros, Romania with 0.8 million euros and Slovakia with 0.4.

Meanwhile, in an electronic response to Radio Kosova, the Central Bank of Kosovo has confirmed that only in January of this year, the import from the five countries that have not recognized Kosovo, marks over 26 million euros.

The CBK spokesman, Kushtrim Ahmeti, said that the import from Greece is 16.2 million euros, Romania 3.5 million euros, Spain 3.1 million euros, Slovakia 1.15 million euros, and Cyprus 0.29 million euros.

Autor: RTK