Judge demands reduction of evidence presentation

Two weeks are left from the beginning of the trial of the leaders of the KLA. But before the start of the trial, a conference on the progress of the case is being held today in the Specialized Chambers in The Hague.

There, the judge in the case against the leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army has asked the Office of the Specialized Prosecutor and the defense teams to reduce the time set for the presentation of evidence and questions of witnesses, as the time for the start of the trial is approaching.

According to the judge, if they refer to the calculations presented by the Prosecutor's Office, then it seems that it will take 6 and a half years for it to present the evidence and interrogate the witnesses, and this, according to the judge, is excessive.

Thaçi's defense team stated that the time estimates presented for defense witnesses may be reduced, as the time estimates presented are maximum.

Meanwhile, the trial against Thaçi, Veseli, Krasniqi, and Selimi is scheduled to begin on April 3.