Mazreku: Stickers, a positive impact on road traffic safety

As of March 16, 2023, no vehicle can circulate on Kosovo’s roads without stickers, which proves that the vehicle in question has completed the registration process, as provided by the laws in force.

The director of the Kosovo Bureau of Security, Sami Mazreku, said that thanks to the project, the country is expected to see a reduction in the number of unregistered vehicles, which in the past years has been over 200 thousand vehicles.

"It is obvious that the project has been very successful. Noticeably, there were 10 to 15% fewer accidents and this year we expect this percentage to be even lower, " Mazreku told RTK.

Mazreku said that the implementation of the sticker placement project is 100% financially supported by the insurance companies operating in our country.

Autor: RTK