EU-US demand the implementation of the Agreement

The head of EU foreign policy, Josep Borrell, said that the implementation of the Kosovo-Serbia agreement will be supervised by a commission from both countries and the European Union which is legally binding.

Borrell informed the EU foreign ministers about the Ohrid agreement, which was reached between Kosovo and Serbia on March 18.

According to Borrell, this is a great achievement and, as he said, "we will no longer be in a state of crisis, but in the implementation of the agreements previously reached on February 27 in Brussels".

"These agreements come into force as per the released statement. It was not signed for legal reasons, but both parties agreed that my statement is a commitment on their part to fully fulfill the obligations arising from this agreement and the implementation annex", Borrell said.

The head of the European diplomacy reiterated that official Prishtina urgently needs to start the formation of the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority.

"The calendar requires each party to do its part, the construction of the house does not start from the top. Some of these things are very urgent, I said that Kosovo must urgently dedicate itself to the formation of the Association. Several commitments have been made and we will have to see how the parties will fulfill them", added Borrell.

The USA is also putting pressure on Pristina and Belgrade officials to immediately start implementing the agreement. American envoy for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, who was an observer at the Ohrid meeting, said that the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia on the implementation of the agreement on the normalization of relations is historic, and the parties should immediately start implementing it.

According to him, the agreement has legal obligations to fulfill. Prishtina must do its job, and Serbia must do its own as well, he said, adding that Belgrade must start recognizing Kosovo's documents and national symbols.