Month of Ramadan- mufti Tërnava calls for peace and solidarity

The mufti of Kosovo, Naim Tërnava, has congratulated all believers of the Islamic religion on the eve of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, wishing them easy fasting, solidarity, peace, and humanity.

The mufti said that tonight with the Tarawih prayer, and tomorrow at dawn with the suhoor meal, the Muslim faithful begin the month of fasting.

"Fasting is a special act of worship, which is performed in a certain month, with meals, a certain mission, and a goal. The believers perform the fast with dedication and devotion for the sake of the Creator and to deserve His mercy and blessings. In addition, fasting, like no other form of worship, shows obedience, love, and sincerity towards our creator, God Almighty", Tërnava said.

He added that the month of Ramadan, like no other month, brings us closer to family and relatives around the iftar table - a moment, as he said, that is special and in which there are many blessings and much love.

As well,

"The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Qur'an was revealed, it is a guide for people and a clarifier of the right path, and a distinguisher (of truth from falsehood). Therefore, whoever among you can make it this month, let him fast...", said the mufti of Kosovo.

He said that the Albanian people have a centuries-old tradition of coexistence with the blessings of the month of Ramadan, which they express through fasting, forgiveness, prayer, mutual respect and visits to each other, solidarity, humanity, and sympathy.