Spain outlaws Kosovo karate players in European Championship

Due to the non-recognition of Kosovo as a state by Spain, the Karate Representative has not been allowed to compete equally with other competitors in the European Championship, which is expected to start today in Guadalajara, Spain.

They were informed by the organizer that local institutions did not allow the organizer to display state symbols.

The Olympic Committee of Kosovo is experiencing with great concern the discrimination of the athletes of Kosovo by the states, which still mix sports with politics.

Lately, and not for the first time, Spain again becomes a factor, bringing back the old "regime" for Kosovo's athletes, even though a few years ago it was correct in this direction and with the same athletes.

"The KOK, which is in contact with the FKK, has immediately informed the International Olympic Committee (IOC), from which it expects a quick response so that our karate players do not lose another important competition, as happened last week before with the European Youth in Cyprus. The European is also a qualifying competition for the European Games 'Krakow 2023'", says KOK in its reaction to the issue.