Borrell: Any attempt to question the deal, useless

The Chief of the European Union for Security and Diplomacy, Josep Borrell considers that any attempt to question the agreement proposed by the EU and approved by Kosovo and Serbia at the Ohrid meeting is useless.

In a statement to the media in Brussels, Borrell said the agreement should be implemented and that there is no room for another choice.

“It is a whole and so, it must be implemented holistically. Whereas we will follow closely who is implementing and who is not implementing it. I would advise them not to point their finger at anyone, but to do their job, ”Borell said.

It is to be noted that today and Friday in Brussels is taking place at the summit of European Union leaders, which is expected to also offer its support to the Ohrid Agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.

The summit is expected to call on both sides to implement the agreement.