Osmani: KSF showed the world its capacities in search and rescue

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani said Thursday that the Kosovo Security Force has shown the whole world its importance in saving lives through the search and rescue center. The Supreme Commander of the Army made these statements after the international search and rescue exercise "Kosova Resolve 2023" which was held at the KSF barracks in Pomozatin.

"I stand in front of you impressed and proud of the excellent work our rescue team has done, it's a really good day. The training center of the international search and rescue team of Kosovo continues to do a great job inside and outside of Kosovo. The KSF is moving rapidly towards the development of special skills to contribute to peace," stated Osmani.

And this search and rescue center, according to her, is gathering members from all over the world to talk about the mission of the KSF during the earthquake in Turkey.

"The disaster in Turkey showed everyone the role of search and rescue in saving lives, many of the search and rescue members from FKS who were in Turkey to carry out this mission have made us all proud of the service they perform and our prayers are with all the victims and survivors in Turkey", Osmani said.

She expressed optimism that the KSF would contribute more and more to international efforts for peace and security, as it continues to walk the path to NATO membership.