Kurti: New process, with agreement towards a final result

Since the beginning of my government mandate, I have pledged to reformat the dialogue in such a way as to transform it into a process of regulating international relations with Serbia, i.e. a dialogue where we are equal and characterized by symmetry.

Prime Minister Kurti clarified that since September 9, when the initial proposal of the Franco-German draft was presented to them, the dialogue process has entered a new format and that, according to him, this was announced in August when the framework was announced of the general agreement while adding that for the first time, the normalization of relations was done in writing, not as in the past with a verbal note.

"The tunnel is still long, but it is coming to an end", Prime Minister Kurti told the Assembly in his address today.

Then he mentioned the state in which our continent is, as he added that it is not known what the future would bring.

He further said that Kosovo’s allies have set a framework with strict conditions towards it and Serbia "to put behind us differences as the priority in the given context to help them strategically for a collective security and sustainable peace in the Western Balkans, which is in line with NATO's values".

Among other things, Kurti also clarified the content of the agreement, which, according to him, contains 11 articles and a preamble, and the annex adds 12 more points.

"We achieved something important and irreversible because the basic agreement confirms that Kosovo's international relations are developed based on the UN charter and all fundamental rights consolidated internationally and sovereignly", Prime Minister Kurti emphasized.