Ruling and opposition MPs oppose increase in energy prices

The Board of the Office of the Energy Regulator is reporting to the Parliamentary Committee on Economy regarding the performance plan for 2023.

During the reporting, MPs from the ruling party, the Vetëvendosje Movement, and those from the opposition criticized the increase in electricity tariffs foreseen to start from April 1st.

LVV MP Driton Hyseni said the poor performance of energy operators has influenced the increase in electricity tariffs.

Hyseni asked for information from the ERO board regarding the measures they have foreseen in case the energy crisis continues in the country.

"The performance of the operators was not satisfactory, therefore the operators were fined. Now, this, increase in energy prices, is an additional burden for the citizens. Do you have other scenarios that you can apply in case of continuation of the crisis in the country? Reviewing the tariffs is the easiest job and the one that ERO is doing the most," he said.

However, the chairman of the Board of ERO, Ymer Fejzullahu, opposed the claims of MP Hyseni.

He said that the increase in energy tariffs is happening because the cost of imports has increased.

"The increase in tariffs was influenced by the cost of import, which is higher than expected. Crisis management is the responsibility of the Ministry of Economy. Other operators together with the regulator are part of the committee and we will offer our readiness in crisis management", he said.

Criticism of the increase in energy prices was also raised by AAK MP, Pal Lekaj.

"In 2023, going as far as increasing the price of energy is meaningless and you have no basis at all for the economic situation and low wages. By increasing the energy prices, you are doing a huge mistake,” he said.