Visa liberalization to have positive impact on economic development


The liberalization of visas for Kosovo will have a positive impact on the overall economic and social development of Kosovo.

Speaking for Radio Kosova economic experts estimate that the citizens of Kosovo, in economic terms, will have opportunities to contact and strengthen partnerships in EU countries and opportunities for market penetration.

Kosovo has lost many good economic opportunities and other fields, due to the lack of free movement toward EU countries.

Economy expert, Safet Gërxhaliu, speaking for Radio Kosova, says that the liberalization of visas for the citizens of Kosovo has economic, psychological, political, and geostrategic importance. According to him, in economic terms, there will be opportunities for contact and strengthening of partnerships, opportunities for technology, opportunities for education, and market penetration.

"In the wood sector, we had huge losses during export, because we exported finished products, but were unable to assemble and transport them, which would increase the value of the export. This will be a perspective. It may be worrying that there will be a large flow of movement and a challenge for the diaspora, because there may also be a decrease in remittances from the diaspora to Kosovo. After all, they can't bear the burden of visiting Kosovo and keeping family members there", Gërxhaliu emphasized.

Economist Muhamet Mustafa, speaking for Radio Kosova also estimates that this is a historic event for the country and the citizens of Kosovo. Visa liberalization has positive effects in many areas, says Mustafa.

"With this, direct communication is facilitated and business transactions, agreements, and partnerships are stimulated between EU member states. It is more important not only in terms of the exchange of goods, but also in general in the advancement of scientific research, cultural-educational, sports education, and communication in these fields raises the level in the general development of Kosovo", he said.

Meanwhile, the Kosovar Business Alliance has estimated that liberalization will save Kosovo about 20 million euros per year. Through an announcement, AKB assessed that Kosovars paid very high financial time costs to obtain a business visa, family reunification, tourist or work visa, while the deadline for visas had high costs.