Kurti: Girls made great contribution to science and technology

Kosovo PM Albin Kurti addressing today the first `STEMinists` conference, organized by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, emphasized that there should be equality between women and men in all fields.

He said the government has supported women to study in STEM fields. Kurti added that despite the barriers, women and girls have made a great contribution in the field of science and technology, RTKlive reports.

According to him, a career in STEM fields offers many opportunities.

"Despite the barriers, women and girls have made a great contribution in the fields of science, which despite the contribution has never been appreciated. Not only as a feminist but also as a STEMinist, we must work for the state. Beyond personal benefit, it affects solutions, and development of technology, and the promotion of economic growth. Girls and women have historically been excluded from science, and in what is considered the fourth revolution. Women and girls must follow their dreams. Beyond inequality, the lack of girls and women in this field is real," Kurti said.

The STEMinists conference will fulfill the promise of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to organize the annual conference for girls/women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

This conference will enable the networking of girls/women in these fields, the promotion of STEM fields at all levels of education, as well as the creation of opportunities for practical work, mentoring, and professional development.

These mechanisms are added to the financial support for girls/women in STEM that is already being implemented as a new policy of the Government of Kosovo for two years.