Meeting with Working Group 2

Working Group 2 (WG2) of our project is about program production and news reporting. Yasuhiro NAGASAKI, our project manager/Expert for news reporting, who had been engaged in NHK news report, and Haruo NAKAMURA, Expert for program production, who has many years of experience in program production in Japanese commercial TV network, conduct workshops with news writers and editors of RTK1 and RTK2. The topics range from journalism, natural-disaster reporting to how NHK functions as a public broadcaster. Also, their current hot topic is the TV program which is going to be produced in RTK/JICA project.

 本プロジェクトのワーキンググループ2(WG2)は番組制作・報道に関すã‚ワークショップを行っています。長年NHKで報道をæ…当した長﨑総æ¬ãƒ»å ±é“æ…当専門家と民放で番組制作に従äºã—てきた中村番組制作専門家が指導にあたり、実際のRTKのãƒãƒ¥ãƒ¼ã‚¹ç•ªçµ„や報道番組などをè¦ãªãŒã‚‰RTK1・RTK2の記者やエディターたちと議論を進めます。トピックはジャーナリズムについて、災害報道について、公共放送のありããŸã«ã¤ã„て、などさまざま。今後プロジェクトで制作すã‚番組のæ§æƒ³ãªã©ã«ã¤ã„ても熱い議論が行われています。