17th Anniversary of Jashari Family fall

After the attack of 30 of December 1991 and 22nd of January 1998, over the Jashari family, on March 5th begins the battle of Jashari.

Thus, the Serbian military and police forces had targeted since long ago Jashari house. And the attack on the Jashari family, exactly on the March 5th, 1998, in the early hours, large forces of police and military forces had raided Prekaz, namely Jashari family. This was most powerful and glorious battle of War of Kosovo Liberation Army.

A fire point, early stationed at the location of the ammunition factory, which was near the house of the Jashari, was strengthened with heavy artillery vehicles. Reinforcements of Serb forces had arrived from the direction of Klina, Mitrovica and Gllogoci. So, on the night between 4 and 5 March 1998, Prekaz and Jashari family were surrounded by numerous military Serb forces and police forces. Attack on Jasharis starts about six o`clock in the morning.Serbian military and police forces originally attacked from these positions: the Ammunition Factory, from the hills of Skenderaj, Lisa and Xani, as well from other positions. The immediate and more powerful was the response of the KLA commander Adem Jashari and his family. Battle of Jashari and their heroic resistance lasts three days, on 5, 6 and 7 March 1998.

On the first day of the attack on the Jashari family, has begun a mighty struggle against Serbian military and police forces. The family of Adem Jashari began fighting without prepared compromise to make resistance even until death.According to the story of Besarta Jashari, witness of this Epopee “In the first day has took place the huge battle, during the whole day houses was shelled. On that day, was killed just Adilja, wife of Adam.She was murdered on the steps of one house after she had gone to get munitions on the third floor of the house where the rooms were filled with weapons.The whole day was characterized by powerful shots of Serb forces, while in the evening the shooting were eased.In the evening, Adem Jashari with boys, Blerim, Kushtrim and Igaballi filled the cartridges and get ready for another day fight. They observed and monitored the situation very closely". [1].

On the second day of the attack on the Jashari family, namely on 6 March1998, fighting according to the Besarta story began in this way: “Since morning, the shelling started again by Serb forces. Shells fell in every part of the house and yard. A grenade fragments and bits caught underneath Igball, son of Baci Rifat. Shelling continued to be the stronger and from the pieces of shelling are killed other family members. Adam and Hamza along with family guys resisted in their positions.Most tragic was a grenade which fell in basement and split it into two parts, destroying it. It grenade killed some of our other family members.From this and several other grenades that was thrown row, died from sustained injuries even Hidajete, Rifat’s daughter and my sister Fatima, who was two years younger than me. Besim, Kushtrim and Adem were still alive and fought from one position to another. [2]From this it can be understood that the battle is only just escalate even more, despite the damage being inflicted day by day.

On the third day of the attack, on 7 March 1998, which is considered as the day of the heroic KLA Commander Adem Jashari and his family, the glorious day of Epopee KLA, by Besarta are described the last and main moments of fighting in Jasharaj house. “Adem moved from the position that had at wall in the yard and came towards the place where we stayed. After killing the majority of family members, Besim was killed.

Near the basement door where we were sheltered Adam falls trying to protect us. Alive were only me and Kushtrim, I saw Adem when he got the bullet, has fallen on pillars near the stairs of the house, and there was killed. Hisson Kushtrim his (then 13 years old), after his fall, took automatic machine gun and went at other position in the yard, because Serbian police had already been entering in some warehouse that we had. Confronting them, Kushtrim has fallen between two houses with machine gun in hand. When there was no longer alive, I began to go to their bodies touching and calling each of them, but no one was left alive. I call them on the name, but no one responded. All this was taking place at the end of the war, on the third day of the attack, in the morning ".[3]

From the fierce fighting that took place three days with Serbian military and police forces, along with KLA commander Adem Jashari family in his honor fell heroically in defense of the threshold of the house, homeland and nation 20 members, 10 of them children.

Therefore, the phenomenon of Adem Jashari, would not have this dimension if will not be fulfilled with incarnation of his family, if he will not be a heroic part of Prekazi, if he will not had birthday on the most important Albanian day, if not embrace sacrifice as on day of birth. Therefore the figure of Adem Jashari with events five, six and seven March integral to the challenges of the time were age difference, change of life etc.

This heroic battle in the new history of Kosovo is known as the Epopee of Kosovo Liberation Army.