Pacolli writes open letter to Serbian President Vucic

Kosovo’s Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli has written an open letter to President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic following the latter’s meeting with Kosovo Serb representatives. 

“We are shocked with the fact that instead this meeting being a routine one, not to say constructive and peaceful, you state that you will refer to this meeting in high-level international correspondence, even with China. We do not understand the logic of ‘Chinese walls’ between our two countries which is in violation to the European approach,” Pacolli wrote adding: “Serbia and you as its President, should not aim to make Serbs from the Republic of Kosovo act as a separating wall for our inter-state disputes.”

Pacolli said Kosovo institutions are determined to implement and affirm human and constitutional rights of the Serb community in Kosovo. 

“This applies to all areas where this community lives, south, east, north or west of the Republic of Kosovo,” Pacolli said. 

He underlined that no one can dispute the fact that Serbs in Kosovo live in a safe environment and “your denial of facts is a sin.” 

“It is time for Serbia to allow Serbs to live their lives free of interference,” Pacolli declares.