Osmani: NATO prevented extermination of people of Kosovo

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani, together with ambassadors of Quint countries, paid homage today at the memorial of fallen NATO soldiers on the 24th anniversary of NATO’s intervention.

Osmani said that the will of the people of Kosovo for freedom was supported by the western world, the free world, which was on the right side of history and rightfulness.

“The biggest friend of Kosovo, the President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, on the day when the order was given to start the bombing, in his historic address, said: ‘our military force joined our NATO allies in air raids against Serbia forces responsible for the brutality against Kosovo,” Osmani said.

Osmani said that “NATO stopped a criminal regime for carrying out the ethnic cleansing of the people of Kosovo”.

“We are therefore forever thankful. March 24 was a day of hope and freedom. We will always repeat that the people of Kosovo were a victim in 1999 and that Serbia was the aggressor. This will forever remain so in the history books,” she said.

Osmani also thanked the women and men from NATO member states for their contribution to the freedom of Kosovo in 1999 and said that they all enjoy the deep gratitude of the people of Kosovo.