Kosovo Police bust cannabis farm in the north

Kosovo Police, in cooperation with Customs, undertook an operation in the northern part of Kosovo yesterday and busted a lab used for growing cannabis with over 10,000 plants ready to be sold illegally.

The operation took place in a location called Izvor, near the border crossing with Serbia. Interior Minister of Kosovo Xhelal Svecla said the police and customs officials were met with gunfire during the operation but that no one was injured.

“This is the result of the great determination in freeing our country from crime more every day. Well done to the Kosovo Police and Customs!” Svecla said.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti said after the police operation that law enforcement authorities are combating crime relentlessly.

“Crime will be fought without interruption. In Izvor, a town in the north of Kosovo, our police found a marijuana grow lab with over 10.000 illegal plants. Shots were fired upon police and customs officers, but they are determined to continue their work. Thank you for your service,” Kurti wrote on Twitter.

The Serbian List has commended the police operation in the north yesterday. “The Serbian List welcomes the action of the police from the Region-North, which took place today to fight crime in the field of narcotics, which in the first place protects our youth and children from this plague that destroys every society,” the party said. It added that the operation showed that the members of the northern region of the police have the ability and capacity to fight crime. “We give full support to the Region-North police to continue such actions in not allowing individuals to criminalize the whole north through their criminal actions.”