RTK launches festival to select future Eurovision participants

The board of RTK has today signed off on the creation of Festivalit të Këngës, a new song contest that would be used as a future selection for Eurovision.

Kosovar public broadcaster RTK has announced that its board has agreed to the creation of a new song contest this year.

Festivali i Këngës will be a song contest for performers from Kosovo and fulfills RTK’s requirements to offer the public additional cultural and artistic events.

RTK has specifically stated in a press release that it aims to use Festivali i Këngës as a selection for a future Kosovar representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, once the country has debuted in the contest.

Kosovo has been aiming to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest since it declared independence in 2008.

The Director-General of RTK stated in 2022 that it was aiming to apply for EBU membership by the end of 2022, however, this has yet to take place.

Mr. Ahmetxhekaj believes that Kosovo may now have a greater chance of joining the EBU following the removal and suspension of Russia and Belarus.

In the past, Kosovo has participated in other Eurovision events. For example in 2011, RTK selected Tringa Hysa to participate in the Eurovision Young Dancers contest that year.