Palmer: Mutual recognition, the essence of the agreement

Matthew Palmer, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, has reiterated the request for Kosovo to suspend the tax on Serbian products and resume with dialogue. 

He told journalists in Zagreb that the U.S. support normalization of the relations between Kosovo and Serbia and reach of a comprehensive agreement, which would result with mutual recognition. 

He added that it is very much possible for the agreement to include correction between the border between Serbia and Kosovo. 

According to him, the U.S. expects from Belgrade to recognize Kosovo as a sovereign and independent state, while Kosovo should accept Serbia as its neighbor. 

“There is space for the parties to dialogue about the agreement which would be acceptable for the opinion both in Serbia and in Kosovo,” Palmer said.

“We want to see the parties reaching the agreement and bring it to us to read it carefully. If we notice unacceptable things, we will let the parties know about it, and we will work together on its correction, in order for the U.S. to be able to give full support,” Palmer said. 

“Contest between the two countries is destabilization source for the region,’ he said.

He added that the agreement should be variable, which means the inclusion of political component, security, as well as economic, trade and cultural components.

Palmer stressed that the parties do not have much time in disposition if they want to ensure prosperity and peace for their citizens, as well as the European future.