Unlawful excavations in Apollonia

The head of the Apollonia National Park in Fier has been arrested by police following the theft of 230 archaeological objects found in its territory.

Along with the director, police have also arrested several people who have carried out unlawful excavations, but the inquest also includes the head of the park.

Police confirmed that “a considerable amount of archaeological objects of the antiquity have been discovered in the national park of Apollonia”.

Police have discovered that during a long period of time, unlawful excavations have been made in the protected national park of Apollonia and 230 archaeological objects such as bronze, iron and ceramic have been taken. Once the perpetrators collected them in their homes, they trafficked them.

According to police, the objects that were found were mainly trafficked to countries such as Greece. Apollonia is one of the most renowned archaeological sites in Albania.

It has been established around the start of the fourth century B.C. In 1948, this park was declared a monument of culture.

In the recent years, the number of visitors in the National Park of Apollonia has significantly increased.